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Sometimes the seeds to a dream get planted where you least expect them.

It all started as a joke between husband and wife team, Dan and Leah Peat, founders of Peat's Original Cider. "What if that metal bowling ball on the Lakeshore Lanes sign was an apple?" asked Leah as they drove past the building during one of their many hunts for a taproom location. Dan replied, "Actually, that building is for sale." They had a good laugh. Because buying a bowling alley was the opposite of what they had in mind for their small outpost taproom. But the silence in the car spoke volumes as they both contemplated the reality of what could be. And so began the Peat's Cider Social journey.


Josh and Tiffany Cosner, another husband and wife team, had been great friends of the Peats and supported Peat's Original Cider since the very beginning. It made perfect sense for this foursome to join forces, becoming partners in a truly unique taproom experience. Together, they've poured themselves into creating a space where people can drink michigan-made hard cider, the way it was meant to be enjoyed—with local ingredients, surrounded by your people.


The Cosners and Peats were inspired by vintage blueprints, photography and even marketing materials from when the former Lakeshore Lanes was originally built and are bringing back nostalgic design one room at a time, starting with the newly-renovated taproom and party room. Even better...the bowling lanes and arcade games are staying!


Peat's Original Cider is a family-owned and operated business based out of the family farm in Paw Paw, MI, so it was highly important that any taproom location was able to accommodate families. It's called "The Social" because the goal is that people will gather over locally-made hard cider and stay to socialize over bowling and arcade games.

Our Story




Husband and wife team. Co-founders of Peat’s Original Cider. Sleep-deprived parents to three rambunctious but adorable Peatlets.
Husband and wife team. Peat’s business partners. Disney fanatics and craft beverage enthusiasts (just check out their Untappd).  


Head of Production. Uses his brewing background to craft innovative cider, spirits and more. Black hoodie enthusiast. The one with the mustache.
The Core Team
FAQ Anchor


Can I order online for pick up?


Online ordering with curbside pickup is still available for those who would rather take their cider to-go.

You can order in two ways:

1. Call in your order & we will process your card over the phone: (269) 465-6814

2. Order online at

We only ask that you give us 30-45 minutes after ordering & then swing by to pick up your order curbside at our front entrance. Online orders can happen anytime (just include what time you'd like to pick up in the notes section). Phone orders & pick-ups will be available during normal business hours only. Tipping is still strongly encouraged & can be added to any online or phone order.

Thank you for supporting local. Your patronage means so much to all of us!

Are you keeping the bowling lanes?

The opportunity to offer a family-friendly activity, in addition to a hard cider drinking experience, was exactly why we chose to stand up our taproom in the middle of a retro bowling alley. Not to worry. We ARE keeping the lanes!

I don’t like cider, what else do you have to drink? 

We hear this a lot and first we usually answer with, “Have you tried our cider?” If not, we suggest you give it a shot and start with our flagship flavor, “The Huntsman.” We’ve sold many a beer drinker on the category of hard cider just by getting them to try the crisp, refreshing and semi-dry flavor profile of “The Huntsman.” If you’re still not jazzed about hard cider overall, we offer many non-alcoholic drinks like pop (Pepsi products), apple juice, milk and water. 


How do I reserve a lane?
Lanes can only be reserved for parties or leagues and are otherwise on a first come first serve basis. If you’d like to reserve a number of lanes for your upcoming event, please contact Reservations require a 50% deposit. 


How do I join an existing bowling league or start my own?

If you’re not a serious bowler, but still want to have fun on a weeknight, grab some coworkers or friends and create your own recreational league. We offer discounts in the taproom for all league bowlers.  


Interested in joining or starting a league? Email to be connected to the right person.  

I’d like to request a donation for my upcoming charity or school event. How do I do that?

If you’d like to request a donation of either a gift certificate or merchandise (legally, we cannot donate alcohol) for your upcoming event, please email and we will get back to you with a prompt answer. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate every donation request that comes through our doors, but we will certainly do our best to contribute to our local community in an impactful way.

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